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ABC Stores Merchant Account Services | Wine, Liquor, Alcohol & Beer

liquor store merchant accountDo you own a liquor store or manage an ABC and have a merchant account hangover? When applying for credit card processing services, it can be frustrating that banks view all sellers of wine, liquor, alcohol & beer as high risk.

It may not seem fair, but banks have their reasons. When banks underwrite merchant accounts, they weigh “presumed risk,” meaning that if you are in an industry that is heavily regulated and features age sales restrictions, you are perceived to be more vulnerable to chargebacks and customer disputes.

Still, just as all alcohol merchants aren’t alike, neither are all processors. An experienced merchant account services provider can separate the wheat from the chaff and help you obtain secure, reliable credit card processing for your ABC store, wine bar, or craft beer business.

A lot goes into determining the rates and fees you are charged: your business model (what you sell, and HOW you sell to your customers), your credit history, and your chargeback ratio.

Hundreds of ABC and privately owned liquor stores have set up merchant accounts or lowered their credit card processing fees with the help of The Transaction Group (TTG). Our global network of banking partners work with high risk businesses of all types, providing the vital services they need to stay in business and to thrive.

Don’t put yourself through another prolonged bank application process only to be rejected. If you just opened a store (brick and mortar or e-commerce), no matter what size your business, TTG can help.

  •       Fast/easy application process and approval
  •       No long-term commitment or termination fees
  •       Secure, PCI- and EMV-compliant solutions

If you currently accept credit cards, we can lower your current processing rates by as much as 25%! Email your latest statement to us at sales@thetransactiongroup.com and we’ll show you how much you can save.

Eligible storefront merchants will also get a FREE EMV-compatible terminal, a $500 value! Your store will be ready for the October 2015 deadline for EMV compliance, and you’ll also enjoy the benefit of more secure transactions and fewer chargebacks when you accept EMV-chipped credit cards.

We also offer other valuable services for merchants:

Chargeback Shield – It’s a fact that chargebacks happen. And it can only take a few chargebacks to get your merchant account terminated. Protect your liquor store from the crippling effects of chargebacks with Chargeback Shield. Learn more here.

Merchant Cash Advance –  Need more working capital for your liquor or wine store? Rather than deal with the frustration of applying for a business loan, get the funding you need with our Merchant Cash Advance program. Fast approval, favorable terms and flexible repayment schedule. Learn more here.

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