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Internet & High Risk ACH Check Processing Services

While it may seem that having the ability to take credit cards is essential for any Internet business today, this is not the case. ACH and Image Cash Letter (ICL) check processing replaces the need for certain businesses, especially high risk industries, to have a merchant account.

Even with today’s advances in technology and payment processing, checking accounts remain an essential part of business. The majority of business and consumer payments, including online transactions, are paid for using checking accounts.

When having a traditional merchant account to take credit card payments is not feasible and ACH check processing is not the best option for merchants, an alternative method of taking payments is necessary.

ach check processingExamples of businesses in this scenario include high risk businesses such as CBD oil retailers and Internet subscription services. In these situations, Image Cash Letter (ICL) check imaging is the perfect alternative.

ICL check imaging enables businesses to accept e-check payments in a B2C as well as B2B environment.

If you’re in need of an alternative to credit card processing and ACH, The Transaction Group has your solution.

Through one of our preferred U.S. banking partners, we offer ICL check processing. Processing payments from customers is simple!

Like ACH check processing, customers do not need to send physical checks for payments, but rather provide personal or business bank name along with account and routing numbers. The merchant can then easily process an e-check payment through a virtual terminal.

ICL check processing has a 2 day or less clearing period (ACH is typically 7-10 days).

The benefits of the program include:

  • Fast approvals (high approval rate!)
  • Low transaction rates & fees
  • Fast clearing
  • Same day funding
  • Ideal of for high risk industries
  • No transaction limits

We offer a quick and easy approval process. Typically accounts can be set up in just 2 business days! Bad credit? Not a problem!

Contact us today to learn more about our ACH & ICL electronic check processing solution for your Internet high risk business.

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