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ACH Payment Processing & Echeck Services

These days, consumers like to have options. Although many customers enjoy the convenience of paying with credit cards, some do not. And sometimes check processing is the better option than credit card processing.

ACH check processingMerchants can offer their customers an alternative to paying via credit card with our electronic check processing service. This service allows customers to pay for products or services by having funds drawn directly out of their checking accounts (also known as ACH or Automated Clearing House).

ACH check processing is also an excellent option for merchants in high-risk industries that are unable to get approved for a merchant account, and those that high-risk merchants that are accepting credit cards but are being gouged by high rates and fees associated with high risk merchant accounts.

ACH is an excellent option for merchants offering subscription services and those collecting monthly installment payments from customers. ACH eliminates the need to sign customer checks and physically deposit them in the bank.

We can meet the needs of all merchants interested in check processing services by offering various programs with incredible flexibility.

With rates as low as ¼ %, ACH check processing may be right for your business.

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