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Apple Pay Credit Card Processing Accounts | NFC Merchant Services

What’s in your mobile payments wallet? Apple Pay™ and other NFC merchant services are no longer concepts; they are now credit card processing reality. Is your business ready?

Mobile payments boom

Mobile-based payments are expected to reach $34 billion in the U.S. by 2019; a ten-fold increase, largely due to Apple’s entry into the market.

Innovative merchants who can readily accommodate mobile payments on Apple devices not only gain an advantage over small business competitors, but also larger businesses that are slow to adopt this cutting edge technology.

Don’t leave all that money on the table…or let another merchant “swipe” it from you.

The Transaction Group (TTG) is a leading edge merchant services provider. For more than 10 years, we have helped a variety of businesses establish credit card processing and related merchant accounts. Our long-standing relationships with top tier banks ensure that merchants get the services they need at competitive rates.

nfc terminalHow Apple Pay works

Apple Pay uses a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) which sends payment to a merchant’s point-of-sale (POS) terminal through a secure, contactless connection.

Customers no longer need to carry credit or debit cards. They simply hold their iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple Watch™ near a contactless reader with their finger on Apple’s Touch ID™ fingerprint reader, and the transaction is complete. They don’t need to launch the app or wake the device, they just “wave” and go.

The app works with Visa®, MasterCard®, and American Express® credit and debit cards, and Apple does not add extra fees for using Apple Pay.

Safe and Secure

Apple is famous for its attention to detail, and that includes security. Credit or debit card info is not stored on the devices. Apple Pay gives each credit or debit card a unique, encrypted account number. With identity theft and credit card fraud on the rise, Apple Pay customers can transact with confidence, in addition to convenience.

FREE EMV terminal that feature NFC technology

In order to use Apple Pay and accept NFC payments, you need a credit card terminal and POS system that has a contactless reader. With the deadline for EMV compliance coming up in October 2015, it’s a good idea to upgrade to an NFC-compatible terminal that also supports EMV or smart cards.

To help get you started, TTG is giving store owners an EMV merchant account terminal with built in NFC technology. This $500 terminal is yours, FREE!

Don’t delay, contact TTG today and get an Apple Pay-compatible merchant account!


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