business gambling advice betting tips credit card processingAre you looking for a credit card processing solution for your sports betting tips and gambling advice business? We can help!

The Transaction Group (TTG) offers merchant account services solutions for businesses like yours so that you can easily accept online payments from your customers.

High Risk Credit Card Processing

As you may know, it’s often very challenging for businesses that have products and services that fall into the high risk classification to get approved and set up with merchant accounts.

Most credit card processors do not provide services to high-risk industry businesses, including businesses with physical locations that conduct customer-facing transactions.

And an approval for an online processing solution, which is known as card-not-present, can be nearly impossible for high risk businesses.

While your business of providing betting tips and advice to gamblers in hopes of increasing their odds of winning is not a gambling operation, it still retains that high risk label.

Why? Historically, non-tangible goods and services face higher rates of chargebacks by customers that feel they didn’t receive what they paid for.

When a customer feels that way, it’s easy for them to simply dispute the charge. And unfortunately, most banks typically side with the customer.

Chargebacks are not only bad for the merchant, but also bad for the credit card processing provider.

Credit card processing providers that offer their services to high-risk businesses inherit some risk themselves, as they can be monetarily penalized by the major credit card brands for having merchants with excessive chargebacks.

So, it’s easy to understand why merchant services providers avoid these businesses altogether.

The Transaction Group & You

At TTG, we are experts in high risk merchant account services. We’ve been assisting high risk industry businesses like yours with their payment processing needs since 2004.

Of course, there are no shortages of risky offshore merchant account providers that willingly work with high-risk online businesses, however, merchants that consider these solutions are taking a gamble themselves.

Often these companies charge high rates and hold reserves of up to 25% for 6 months or longer. And in some occurrences, have been known to shut down accounts and hold a merchant’s funds indefinitely.

If you’re looking for an online credit card processing solution for your business that provides sports betting tips or gambling advice, you’ll want to talk to us first.

We will save you much time and frustration with your payment processing needs and ensure that you’re set up with the right solution from the start.

Together with our banking partners, we offer several payment processing solutions, all of which are domestic. Our solutions include fast approval and setup and fast funding.

Call us today at 888-383-8056 for a credit card processing solution for your betting advice and gambling tips business.

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