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Business Opportunity | High Risk E-Check Payment Processing

business opportunity agentDid you ever think it was possible to earn money for yourself even when you’re not working? With The Transaction Group’s High-Risk Agent Program, it is!

High-risk businesses often face much difficulty being approved for merchant account services. Without a reliable payment processing solution, businesses are left without the ability to accept payments from customers.

As an Agent for The Transaction Group, you’ll be in the position to help businesses that are desperate for these services! With a little hard work, you’ll soon be earning more and more money each month from the accounts that you refer.

Electronic Check Payment Processing

Our unique electronic check program is an alternative to credit card processing for high risk businesses – and actually a more fitting solution for their specific requirements.

Businesses that use our reliable e-check service will never experience chargebacks, will receive funding from sales as fast as same day, and experience check clearing in as little as 2 business days! This is much faster than the typical 7-10 business days of most other e-check or ACH payment processing solutions.

While high risk businesses are regularly declined for merchant accounts, virtually all legal businesses in the U.S. are quickly and easily approved!

Our e-check solution is ideal for many business types including…

  • 100'sCollection Agencies
  • Medical Marijuana Delivery Services
  • Fantasy Sports Sites
  • Online Dietary & Nutritional Supplements
  • Vapes (Vaporizer) Businesses
  • CBD Oil Businesses
  • Adult Products & Services

…as well as many others.

Become an Agent Today!

As a new Agent, you’ll receive training and support so that you have the tools necessary to reach out to prospective business and deliver the benefits of the e-check service. After obtaining contact information, you’ll simply provide the lead to our sales team, and we’ll close the deal. You’ll earn residual income on each account.

In little time, you’ll have the skills to successfully handle closings and earn a greater share of the revenue for your accounts.

If you’re a hardworking self-starter interested in a lucrative and flexible work schedule, we want to hear from you!

Contact us today to learn more about becoming an Agent and joining our team!

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