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Auto Dealership Credit Card Processing | Car Lots

car dealer credit card processingIf the credit card processing rates your auto dealerships pay are driving you to distraction, the Transaction Group (TTG) can provide your car lots with a cost-effective solution.

TTG understands that small and medium-sized car lots face stiff competition from large auto dealerships that can negotiate more favorable credit card processing rates and terms, because of their size and higher sales volume.

TTG has helped auto dealerships of all sizes with their merchant account needs since 2004. Whether you’re just starting out, or you have been swiping credit cards at a number of car lots for a while, we’re here to serve you.

In addition to point-of-sale (POS) credit card processing TTG helps businesses obtain a comprehensive variety of merchant account services, such as:

ACH/eCheck Processing: Accepting credit cards, as well as eCheck payments is a must for today’s auto dealerships, especially for “buy here pay here” car lots. eChecks gives your customers flexible payment options, while saving you money.

Additional TTG programs/services include:

  • PIN debit card processing (which helps reduce processing fees)
  • Secure e-commerce solutions at low rates
  • Wireless,virtual, and mobile processing technology
  • MOTO (mail order/telephone order) processing (a must for Internet car sales)
  • Merchant cash advance program
  • Chargeback Shield

Get a FREE RATE ANALYSIS and save up to 25% on processing rates and fees!

If you already have credit card processing in place at your auto dealership and want TTG to help you save money, email a recent statement to us at sales@thetransactiongroup.com,or fax it to 312-895-5628.

Get a FREE EMV Terminal!

The credit card companies are requiring all auto dealerships to have EMV-compliant terminals by October 2015. Are you ready?

TTG wants to help you limit your risk of credit card fraud and reduce chargebacks by giving you a FREE EMV terminal! This terminal, valued at as much as $795, will allow you to accept EMV credit cards.

Don’t delay! Whether you’re just opening up your first car lot, or you own or manage multiple auto dealerships and you’re looking for lower credit card processing rates, TTG is ready to help drive your costs down and save you money today.


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