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Credit Card Processing Certified for Public Accountants (CPAs)

credit card processing for CPAsIf you’re a CPA who’s tired of waiting for clients to pay you and you’re exploring credit card processing options, do what a lot of certified public accountants do, contact the Transaction Group (TTG).

TTG specializes in helping certified public accountants obtain secure, reliable credit card processing solutions. For more than 10 years, TTG has stayed on the cutting edge of payment processing trends and formed partnerships with established banks to provide accountants with proprietary, safe payment gateways and related merchant account services.

After spending hours on tax returns and working hard to save your clients money, we understand how frustrating it can be to wait to be paid, or not get paid at all, for the services your provide, only to have to spend more time and money you can’t spare trying to collect the money your clients owe. There is no “check in the mail” for CPAs who accept credit cards.

The TTG Advantage:

  • Protects sensitive credit card information with PCI-compliant solutions
  • Provides safe Internet credit card processing with our secure payment gateways
  • Free virtual terminal to key-in customer credit card information for payments made over the phone or in person
  • Provides free EMV NFC equipment for compliant face-to-face card processing

TTG can also help minimize customer disputes and reduce chargebacks through value-added programs and services, such as ACH payment processing and Chargeback Shield. We can also assist with business cash advances.

If you’re a CPA who currently accepts credit cards, we can lower your current credit card processing rates by as much as 25%!

Certified public accounts who already have merchant accounts are saving money by switching to TTG. Find out how much you can save by emailing a recent statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.com, or fax it to 312-895-5628.

Free EMV Chip and PIN Terminals for Certified Public Accountants!

All credit card terminals will need to be EMV-compliant by October 2015. To help you out, TTG is giving CPAs with storefront offices a FREE EMV-compliant terminal, worth as much as $795! EMV terminals help reduce chargebacks and your risk of credit card fraud.

If you’re a CPA who is ready for secure, credit card processing at low rates, contact the merchant account services provider certified public accounts choose: The Transaction Group. Get started today!


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