Credit Card Processing for Check Cashing Money Services Businesses

Do you operate a check cashing or money services business? Do you need a credit card processing solution to collect fees? The Transaction Group (TTG) has got you covered!

At TTG, we’ve been assisting businesses of all types with their payment processing needs since 2004. We welcome all merchants, including money services and check cash cashing businesses.

While we set up traditional merchant accounts for low risk businesses, we specialize in high risk credit card processing and payment solutions for niche industries like check cashing money services businesses.

You may be aware that approvals for traditional merchant accounts for some business types can be difficult. Many credit card processing providers avoid working with certain businesses due to risk levels.

If you’ve tried to get set up with a traditional merchant account for your check cashing business, but were turned down, we can help.

We have a solution that is ideal for money services businesses. This solution is a favorite of many high risk businesses because it does not have high processing fees. In fact, it has no processing fees!

Our solution allows businesses to accept debit and credit cards and has:

  • A fast & easy approval process
  • No merchant processing fees
  • No required reserves
  • No long-term contracts
  • Online reporting

Customer payments for check cashing money services fees can be processed much like a traditional merchant account. A customer swipes their debit or credit card through the terminal, enters their PIN and accepts a small convenience fee.

Our streamlined application and approval process can have your business accepting credit cards in as little as one week. We require very few support documents and do not require a credit check.

Once approved, we ship the equipment express mail. Equipment is pre-encrypted and programmed to work out of the box. All you have to do is plug it in to start processing debit and credit card payments.

Are you ready to get set up with a credit card processing solution for your check cashing or money services business? Contact us today and we’ll work to get you approved right away.

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