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Credit Card Processing for Collection Agencies | Debt Recovery & Credit Repair

Closeup of a beautiful business customer service woman smilingThe Transaction Group (TTG) has provided premium credit card processing solutions to debt collection agencies and credit repair companies since 2004. We have the experience necessary to meet all of your debt recovery agency merchant account needs.

As a collection agency owner or manager, you have no doubt had a tough time setting up a merchant account that will allow your agency to accept credit card payments and ACH. When you’re in an industry that is trying to recover debt from people and businesses who are struggling to make ends meet, having a secure, affordable credit card payment processor can make (or break) your business. That’s hard to do when most banks view your industry as a “high risk.”

An experienced merchant account services provider evaluates your agency’s business model, processing history, and chargeback history, and provides you with a reliable payment processing solution at a competitive rate that reflects your agency, not just your industry.

We at TTG understand the complex and unique needs of credit restoration companies, and we have established relationships with many reputable banks and payment processors that have helped:

  • Existing agencies that accept credit cards secure lower rates and save money
  • New agencies establish reliable, cost-effective payment gateways

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or conduct business online only, we offer a variety of low-cost payment gateways, credit card processing, ACH, and other solutions that can reduce chargebacks and minimize customer disputes.

If you have an office, TTG will give you an EMV-compatible terminal. Decrease your agency’s risk of credit card fraud and get a head start processing EMV (Europay, MasterCard & Visa) chip and PIN cards. In 2015, all merchants will be required to have equipment to process these cards that are equipped with embedded smart chips. Get your FREE terminal today! A $500 value!

Don’t delay. Start accepting credit and debit cards at your debt recovery business, or save money by lowering your current rate, today! 888-383-8056


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