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Credit Repair Business Merchant Account Services

credit repair merchant accountWhen it comes to payment processing services, business owners with bad credit are obviously considered high-risk merchants. Ironically, businesses that offer credit repair services to help these business owners are also considered high-risk merchants.

Credit repair businesses have a unique service offering that is very valuable to a specific clientele. That’s why it’s unfortunate that merchants providing these necessary services face challenges getting set up with payment processing services to accept credit cards from customers.

We know that it can be a headache for businesses that fall into this high-risk classification to find a merchant account provider that is willing to set them up with credit card processing services. Fortunately there are providers available.

If you’re looking for credit card processing for your credit repair business, you’ve come to the right place. At The Transaction Group (TTG), we can help. Just as credit repair businesses know the intricacies of their particular niche, TTG knows merchant account services inside out.

Since 2004, we’ve been assisting businesses of all types with their merchant account needs. While we are able to deliver solutions to all businesses, we specialize in assisting high risk industries.

Whether you’re just starting your credit repair business and don’t have any processing history, or have an established business and looking for better merchant account rates, we’re here for you.

Do you need a mobile solution to process payments face to face? Or an online solution to take payments for your website sales? We’ve got you covered.

We know that your time is valuable. Don’t waste time waiting for an approval from a merchant account provider that may not approve your business type after all. And stay away from risky offshore processors.

Through our network of U.S. banking partners, we’ll find the best solution for you business’s specific requirements. These banks regularly work with your risky business type, making the experience painless.

Our streamlined application and approval process will have your credit repair business set up with a merchant account in just a few business days. You’ll be set up to take credit cards from customers in no time!

Contact us at 888-383-8056 or ‘Apply Now.’ We look forward to helping your business.

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