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High Risk Payment Processing with Electronic Checks (E Check 21)

echeckFor many businesses, finding a high risk merchant account provider and then waiting for an approval can be a real headache. In some cases, it’s decline after decline.

You find yourself wondering, why does it have to be so difficult to set up credit card processing services for my business?

Well, the answer is relatively simple. Banks don’t like uncertainty. When evaluating merchant account applications, many banks are risk averse. They just don’t want to take chances working with businesses that have products or services that are labeled as high risk.

And while there are credit card processors that are able to approve certain high-risk businesses, some businesses are left without a payment processing solution. That is unless they choose to take on risk themselves by finding an offshore provider.

E-Check Services from The Transaction Group

With The Transaction Group (TTG), there’s no need for an offshore merchant account solution. We have a domestic high risk payment processing solution that is ideal for even the riskiest of businesses.

This electronic check (e-check) program is also known as check 21. This unique service is a paperless checking solution that allows customers to make payments for goods or services simply by entering their bank account and routing numbers. Funds are transferred and can be received by the merchant as early as same day. E-checks clear in as little as 2 business days.

Our program works well with online high risk merchants that are afforded an extra day or two to process customer orders. When the check clears, the merchant can complete the order and ship the product at that time.

echeckSome of these businesses include:

  • Collection agencies
  • CBD (cannabidiol) oil merchants
  • Vaporizer (vapes) merchants
  • Medical marijuana delivery services
  • Fantasy sports sites
  • Online pharmaceuticals
  • Tech support
  • Adult products & services

E-checks are safe, secure and reliable. While customer disputes that lead to chargebacks are common in high-risk credit card processing, chargebacks are non-existent with electronic checking.

Our e-check solution offers fast and easy approval and set up. Best of all, the rates and fees are lower than other high-risk credit card processing solutions, especially offshore merchant accounts.

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Have you been turned down for high risk merchant account services? We’re glad you found us! We strongly believe that our check 21 program is the future of payment processing for the high risk industry.

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