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EMV Terminals for Hotels | Hospitality Merchant Accounts

hotel emv credit card processingWith their push for the adoption of EMV, the card associations hoped to raise awareness of the serious vulnerability of magnetic strip technology in customer-facing credit card transactions.

Even after the EMV liability shift deadline of October 2015 and the media buzz about the warnings of non-compliance, some businesses are still slow to transition to the use of EMV terminals with their merchant accounts. The hotel and hospitality industries are no exception.

Having no legal requirement and no incentive to immediately migrate to EMV technology it’s understandable that businesses, including hotels, have not made a faster transition. However, the move to the use of EMV terminals by the hotel and hospitality industry in 2016 would be a wise decision.

Credit card fraud is on the rise due to breaches in antiquated magnetic strip technology. And while online credit card processing is very secure, some hotels only hold online reservations with credit cards and wait until check-in to swipe the customers’ cards through a magnetic strip reading terminal.

This practice not only places hotels and hospitality industry businesses at financial risk but also places their customers’ identities at risk.

At The Transaction Group (TTG), we can help restaurants, motels and hotels to smoothly transition to EMV credit card processing.

We have been assisting the hospitality and hotel industries with merchant services since 2004. Our approach is somewhat unique, as we don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. With our network of banking partners, we find the best solution for each business’s individual needs.

In addition to secure EMV credit card processing terminals we offer complete POS systems as well as online merchant services for online processing so that hotels have multiple options to accept credit cards.

Our rates and fees are extremely competitive and in many cases, we are able to save merchants up to 25% over existing merchant account rates and fees.

Whether you are looking for a fast and easy transition to EMV credit card processing at your hotel or hospitality business, or looking for better merchant account rates, TTG is here for you. Our streamlined application and approval process will have your business EMV compliant in just a few business days.

Contact us today at 888-383-8056 or ‘Apply Now’ and complete our pre-application. We look forward to serving you!

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