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Merchant Account Services for Smartphones | Androids & IPhones

smart phone merchant accountThere are no hang-ups with a emv smartphone mobile merchant account services solution from the Transaction Group (TTG). You need to stay competitive in today’s evolving market. TTG offers premium merchant accounts for smartphones (Android™ and iPhones) and tablets that let you accept payments wirelessly anywhere you do business. Mobile credit card processing makes any smartphone a truly smart phone.

With a TTG mobile payment system for smartphones, you can accept credit card payments anywhere, whether you have a store, office, or conduct business on the go. You don’t need to carry around a credit card processing terminal to make a sale, but if you’re a high volume merchant, and need a terminal, TTG will help you decrease the risk of credit or debit card fraud by giving you a wireless EMV-compatible terminal, a $500 value, for FREE!

TTG has provided all types of businesses with secure, reliable, and cost-effective payment processing solutions for more than 10 years. Our customers enjoy:

Low Rates and Fast Approval

TTG’s easy-to-use, secure mobile credit card solution, allows you to process transactions by swiping, scanning, or keying in credit card numbers, even card-not-present transactions, on most Android and Apple® devices using a smartphone or tablet mobile swiper.

It comes with a durable card reader and touchpad signature, which allows customers to sign for their purchases on a touchscreen. Email receipts sent to your customers include an image of their signature.
Swipe rates start as low as .50%

Act now! Enjoy the convenience, for yourself and your customers, of credit card processing on iPhones, android, or Apple devices. If you already have a mobile payment solution, find out how TTG can help lower your current processing rate, and meet all of your merchant account needs.

If you have any questions, want to more information about mobile credit card processing systems, or any merchant payment solution, call today at 888-383-8056.


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