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EMV Mobile Smartphone Merchant Account Services

emv smartphone credit card processing readerGet the best EMV smartphone merchant account services for both Android and iPhone platforms from The Transaction Group (TTG).

At TTG, we’ve been assisting businesses with credit card processing services since 2004. Our industry expertise and network of banking partners enable us to provide the optimal solution for each business’s individual requirements.

Smartphone Merchant Accounts

We have an array of merchant account services available, including mobile payment processing solutions.

Customer-facing credit card transactions are made easy with our Square like card reader that plugs into the audio jack of a mobile phone or tablet. Merchants have the ability to accept credit cards anywhere a cell or wi-fi signal is available.

Merchants can accept all credit card brands and process magnetic strip and new EMV chip cards on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

Reliability is key for products and services at TTG. While our competitor’s mobile credit card processing devices are easily damaged and rendered unusable, our rugged credit card processing reader holds up to the real world use.

Ideal for Many Industries

Our mobile reader for smartphones and tablets is offers wireless card processing and perfect for many industries including:

  • Personal training & fitness instructors
  • Professional services
  • Salon, spa & massage therapy

And our reader makes EMV chip card processing at restaurants secure and convenient. Customers love the ability to pay at the table, leave a tip and receive an emailed receipt.

Our reader encrypts data before transmitting, ensuring that credit card information is kept secure throughout the transaction.

Get Started Now!

Rates are fees for our mobile smartphone merchant account services are very competitive. Before signing up with one of the big players like Square or PayPal, call us for pricing. Chances are we can match or beat their rates and fees.

Call us today at 888-383-8056 or complete our short application after clicking ‘Apply Now.’ We can have your business set up with an iPhone or Android smartphone merchant account solution in just a few business days. Approvals are fast and easy.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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