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EMV Merchant Account Services Terminals Clothing Stores, Boutiques

boutique merchant accountThe Transaction Group (TTG) is giving clothing stores & boutiques FREE EMV-NFC merchant account services terminals.

October 1, 2015 is the deadline that the major credit card companies have set for U.S. merchants, including clothing stores, to upgrade their credit card machines to EMV terminals. Are you compliant?

Boutiques that don’t have EMV merchant account terminals in place by then will be subject to liability for any fraudulent purchases.

Compliance has its benefits. Clothing stores that have EMV terminals will be able to improve customer experience by accommodating more payment options.

A fashionable and FREE Way to be compliant!

If you own or manage a boutique and don’t already have an EMV chip and PIN terminal, TTG wants to help. We are offering EMV merchant account services terminals to clothing stores for FREE! A $400 value!

In addition to having EMV chip readers which process “contact” payments (by signing or entering a PIN) our terminals are equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology, which supports “contactless” mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Customers just wave a card, phone or device near the terminal to process payment.

Since 2004, TTG has provided clothing stores & boutiques with safe, reliable credit card processing services. Whether you’ve just opened for business or accept credit and debit cards at multiple locations, we can help.

We can save you as much as to 25% of your current rate!

Other TTG merchant account solutions include:

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If you’re looking for reliable, cost-effective merchant account services for clothing stores or boutiques, AND FREE EMV- NFC terminals, contact TTG today!


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