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EMV & NFC Retail Businesses Merchant Accounts

emv nfc retail merchant accountsThe Transaction Group provides EMV & NFC compatible credit card processing accounts with chip and PIN terminals. High risk merchant services available.

Since 2004, The Transaction Group has been helping new businesses as well as established retail businesses to secure the best credit card processing rates and set up merchant account services.

Merchants with a retail storefront or brick-and-mortar location that conduct mainly face-to-face credit card transactions can usually be classified as being low-risk businesses. And as long as the principal has good credit, these transactions are usually eligible as standard merchant account rates and fees.

The lowest merchant account rates apply to card-present swiped transactions. Although not always possible, it’s best for merchants in a retail setting to process the transaction by swiping the credit card through the magnetic strip reader rather than keying it in.

Modern retail terminals may have an EMV port on the terminal or NFC (Near Field Communication) capability for credit cards with embedded smart chips. In 2015, all businesses that process customer-facing credit card transactions will be required to have a terminal capable of reading EMV smart chips.

ict220 terminalIs your retail store EMV compliant? For a limited time, The Transaction Group is offering FREE EMV credit card processing terminals with a merchant account placement. Up to a $795 value!

If you own or manage a retail store and are currently processing credit cards, we may be able to save your business money in fees. Contact us today for a FREE rate analysis.

Are you a business owner that has had credit challenges in the past? Not a problem! Our banking partners regularly approve business owners with poor credit.

We have a streamlined application and approval process that can have your business set up to accept credit cards in just a few business days.

Contact us today at 888-383-8056 to get started!


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