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Farmers Market Credit Card Processing Services

farmers market credit card processingSome of us enjoy the experience of buying products at farmers markets more so than large retail stores. Perhaps it’s the freshness of the products. Perhaps it’s the simplicity. Yet, we prefer not to go back to the simpler time when paying with a credit card was unheard of.

Until recently, it was difficult and sometimes impossible for merchants at farmers markets to accept credit cards. Many of these small businesses still operate as cash-only without any sort of merchant account services.

Now, merchants that sell goods at farmers markets have a low cost, mobile credit card processing solution! Any merchant can process card payments via a smartphone anywhere a cellular signal is available.

The Transaction Group (TTG) and our partners have introduced this smartphone payment processing solution that is like Square but is more secure and reliable than the swiper or dongle that they provide.

As a merchant, you can accept any U.S. based credit card at one, low fixed rate. Our fixed credit card rate is comparable to Square but our debit card rate is much lower!

  • 95% debit card rates
  • 95% credit card rates
  • No setup fee
  • No merchant account monthly fees

Our smartphone credit card processing solution is ideal for farmers market merchants who may have seasonal sales. Businesses are only charged when they process credit cards.

Processing credit cards though the unique payment app on your smartphone is easy! Credit card data is encrypted before being transmitted, protecting against potential fraudulent activity.

Capture repeat customers by converting your business’ website into another sales channel by easily installing a ‘Buy Now’ button.

If you don’t have a credit card processing solution to accept cards at your farmers market, you may be losing sales.

Our smartphone credit card processing program offers INSTANT approval. Apply now and get set up to take credit card payments for your farmers market goods today!

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