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FREE EMV & NFC Merchant Account Services Terminals

For a limited time, The Transaction Group is giving away a free EMV credit card terminal to any business to help them become EMV compliant.

In 2015, all merchants in the United States that process customer-facing credit card transactions will be required to have EMV compliant merchant account services in place, otherwise they may face fines and other penalties.

What is EMV?

EMV_VisaEMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa) is a technology in which a smart chip is embedded in a credit card. During a customer-facing credit card transaction, the card is inserted into a special port that reads the chip, and then uniquely encrypts the data for each transaction before the data is forwarded. The customer is required to then enter their PIN to complete the transaction.

Newer, hi-tech terminals use a technology called NFC or Near Field Communication. Like it sounds, this technology enables data on a credit card or a smart phone app to be read simply by placing it in close proximity to the terminal.

EMV is a huge advance in the credit card industry that was developed in the early 2000’s to help mitigate the ever-growing credit card fraud throughout the world. Its use has been widespread in Europe for several years and now there is a push in the United States, due mainly to the fact that card fraud and identity theft costs the card associations and banking institutions billions of dollars annually.

The credit card associations are requiring all entities with a hand in customer-facing credit card transactions to become EMV compliant by October 2015. Those entities that are not compliant by this time may be held liable in the event of a security breach where credit card data is stolen. They call this “the EMV liability shift”.

It’s especially important for merchants to ensure their business has EMV compliant merchant account services in place. After all, they are the first line to the customer credit card transaction.

How to Become EMV Compliantv9plus2

How do merchants become EMV compliant? By simply installing an EMV merchant account terminal and training employees the easy task of how to process EMV credit cards in the new terminal.

For a limited time, The Transaction Group and our partners are offering a FREE EMV credit card processing terminal to new and established businesses with a merchant account placement. A $500 value!

Let The Transaction Group ensure that your business is EMV compliant before the liability shift.

If you already have merchant account services for your business, call today (888-383-8056) for a FREE rate analysis. Chances are we can save you money on your current credit card processing rates and fees!

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