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Free EMV-NFC Credit Card Processing Terminals for Cafes & Delis

deli merchant accountThe Transaction Group (TTG) is giving cafes & delis FREE EMV-NFC credit card processing terminals.

The credit card industry is getting ready to make major changes, effective in October 2015. All merchants, including cafes & delis will need to have EMV-compliant terminals installed. Does your café or deli have plans to replace its credit card machines?

Cafes & delis that don’t have EMV credit card processing terminals with EMV chip readers will be subject to liability for fraudulent charges.

If you own or manage a café or deli and don’t have EMV terminals yet, TTG wants to help.

For a limited time, we’re giving away free EMV credit card processing terminals to cafes & delis. A $400 value!

Our terminals also have near field communication (NFC) readers, which allows them to communicate with a phone or credit card. Your customers can use EMV-chipped credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet or other e-wallet payment solutions to make purchases.

TTG works with cafes & delis of all sizes. Whether you are just opening your shop or have been processing credit cards for years at several locations, we have a solution for you!

TTG’s Value-Added Merchant Services:

Chargeback Shield – If you have a chargeback ratio as low as 2%, your merchant account can be at risk. With Chargeback Shield, you can protect your café or deli’s ability to accept credit cards.

Merchant Cash Advance – If you need money, there’s no need to go through the frustrations of applying for a business loan. Get the funding you need fast with TTG’s Merchant Cash Advance Program.

If you already have credit card processing terminals, we can lower your current credit card processing rates and fees. Contact us for a free rate analysis and let us show you how much money you can save.

Are you ready to save money AND be compliant? Free EMV-NFC credit card processing terminals for your cafes & delis are just a call or click away!


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