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Free EMV-NFC Merchant Account Services Terminals for Bars & Taverns

bar merchant accountThe Transaction Group (TTG) is giving FREE EMV-NFC merchant account services terminals to bars & taverns.

This October, credit card companies are implementing major changes that will affect how your bar or tavern accepts credit cards. All merchants will need to have EMV chip and PIN terminals. Are you ready?

Bars & taverns that don’t have EMV credit card processing terminals with chip readers will face a sobering reality: you will be liable for any fraudulent credit card purchases.

If your bar or tavern doesn’t have an EMV-ready credit card machine yet, don’t worry, TTG wants to help you become compliant before the deadline.

TTG is giving free EMV merchant account services terminals, worth as much as $795, to all eligible bars & taverns.

All TTG terminals have built-in near field communication (NFC) readers, which allows payments to be processed with EMV-chipped credit cards and other e-wallet payment solutions, like Apple Pay or Google Wallet,

Since 2004, TTG has been serving up cost-effective, safe, and reliable merchant account services to bars & taverns of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been swiping credit cards at your bar for years, we’re here to serve you. And we want to help you save money! Contact TTG for a free rate analysis.

We can lower your current credit card processing rates by up to 25%!

Top Shelf Merchant Account Services:

Merchant Cash Advance – If you need money for your business, but don’t have the time or patience to deal with the process and terms involved with bank loans, TTG’s Merchant Cash Advance program can get you the funds you need fast, at competitive rates, and reasonable repayment terms. <LEARN MORE>

Chargeback Shield – Did you know that customer chargebacks can kill your business? Chargebacks are common in bars and taverns simply because patrons often have one too many, forget that they charged as much as they did, then attempt to dispute the charges. Don’t let less responsible patrons put your business in jeopardy. Get chargeback shield. <LEARN MORE>

Are you ready to save money with TTG merchant account services, AND get FREE EMV-NFC terminals for your bars & taverns? Get started by applying now!


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