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Free EMV-NFC Merchant Account Services Terminals for Pet Stores

pet store merchant account terminalThe Transaction Group (TTG) is offering FREE EMV-NFC merchant account terminals to pet stores.

The deadline for having EMV-compliant credit card processing terminals is October 2015. Is your pet shop ready?

After October, pet stores that accept credit cards and do not have terminals equipped with special EMV chip readers that can read the data embedded in EMV cards or devices will be liable for any losses that result from fraudulent transactions.

Pet stores that have EMV terminals in place will face a lower risk of credit card fraud and experience fewer chargebacks as a result of stolen or counterfeit cards.

Get EMV-Compliant Now!

TTG is offering pet stores a head start by giving away free EMV merchant account terminals. A $400 value!

Our terminals are feature near-field communication (NFC) technology. While EMV terminals allows for “contact” payments (entering a PIN or signature), NFC allows for “contactless,” transactions; you just wave your card, phone, or other enabled mobile device to make payment (these e-wallet payment systems include Apple Pay and Google Wallet).

Other TTG Value-Added Services:

Chargeback Shield – Whether you know it or not, chargebacks are hurting your pet shop’s revenue stream, and even a low chargeback ratio can result in you losing your merchant account. Protect your business today.

ACH Payment Processing – You can save money on credit card processing fees with TTG’s ACH Payment Processing solution.

We work with all types of pet stores. Whether you are just starting out or have been processing credit cards for years at several locations.

If you already have merchant account services in place, we can lower your current credit card processing rates and fees by as much as 25%! Contact us for a FREE rate analysis and learn how much you can save.

EMV-NFC merchant account services terminals provide customers of pet stores with a secure payment environment. Get your terminal FREE by contacting TTG today!


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