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Free EMV-NFC Merchant Accounts Services Terminals for Restaurants

ingenico nfc emv terminalThe Transaction Group (TTG) is offering FREE EMV-NFC merchant account terminals to restaurants, hospitality and food services businesses.

Are you aware of the changes taking place in the credit card industry in 2015? Restaurants must implement EMV chip and PIN terminals by October. Is your restaurant prepared?

Restaurants that fail to install new credit card machines equipped with EMV chip readers are doing themselves a disservice.

Restaurants that do not have EMV merchant account terminals in place will assume the liability for fraudulent purchases.

Why take an unnecessary risk? If you own or manage a restaurant and do not have EMV terminals in place, let TTG help you protect your business.

Get Compliant Now!

For a limited time, we’re giving away free EMV merchant account terminals to restaurants. A $400 value!

Our terminals are also equipped with hi-tech near-field communication (NFC) readers, enabling credit cards with embedded EMV chips or alternative payment solutions like Apple Pay or Google Wallet (e-wallets) to be processed simply by waving the card or device near the terminal.


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Get Started Today!

We work with restaurants of all sizes. Whether you are just opening your first location or have been processing credit cards for years and have multiple locations, we can help!

If you already have merchant account services in place, we can save you money over your current credit card processing rates and fees. Contact us for a free rate analysis and learn how much we can save your business.

Ready to get started? Contact TTG today to get your free EMV terminal for your restaurant!