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Merchant Account Services for Furniture & Home Improvements Stores

furniture store merchant accountAre you looking for reliable furniture store merchant account services or home improvements credit card processing? If so, The Transaction Group (TTG) can help.

We understand that since your merchandise and services can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, most of your customers tend to pay by credit card, so they can pay it off over time. And if you’re saddled with high processing rates and multiple fees, that can really add up, especially if you’re a high volume store.

TTG has assisted home improvement contractors, retail furniture stores, and wholesale furniture outlets since 2004. Our processing partners specialize in setting up secure, cost-effect merchant accounts for brick and mortar and e-commerce businesses of all sizes. And you can choose from a variety of fully PCI-compliant credit card processing terminals: stationary, wireless, virtual, or mobile.

TTG can save you as much as 25% of your existing credit card processing rates and fees!

If you have a processing history, we will offer you FREE rate analysis, simply by emailing your most recent statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.com.

Value-added Services

Ask us about our value-added merchant services, such ACH processing or chargeback shield. Chargebacks happen to the best of us. Don’t risk landing on a TMF (terminated merchant file) list. Protect your right to accept credit cards, no matter what!

And if you’re running low on working capital or need money for business improvements, but want to avoid the red tape and high costs of qualifying for a bank loan, we can help you secure a merchant cash advance that boasts competitive rates and flexible repayment options.

In October 2015, all businesses will need to have an EMV-compliant terminal, so we are giving all of our brick and mortar clients a FREE EMV-compatible terminal, an estimated $500 value!

Are you ready to lower your furniture store merchant account services rates, or start accepting credit cards at your home improvements business? Contact TTG today and we’ll help set you up with a secure, cost-effective payment gateway within days!


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