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Hair Salons, Barbers & Stylists Merchant Account Services

salon card processingChoosing a merchant account services provider for a hair salon or barber shop is a lot like getting a haircut. When a customer says they want a trim, you know he or she isn’t looking for a buzz cut.

If you’re getting scalped by high rates and hidden fees by your processor, it’s time to find a merchant account services provider that can help you secure a reliable merchant account that will save you money.

Since 2004, The Transaction Group (TTG) has helped thousands of businesses set up cost-effective credit card processing solutions, as well as a variety of merchant account services, such as ACH payment processing and chargeback protection.

TTG also offers a merchant cash advance, a valuable service that helps you get the funding you need without the red tape typically involved with business loans. You can get approved quickly at a competitive rate, and set up a flexible repayment schedule.

We can even set up multiple merchant accounts at your salon or barber shop so that your stylists or barbers have their own credit card processing accounts. In this case, only one terminal is needed for each stylist to process customer credit cards on their own merchant accounts.

Our merchant account solutions are also compatible with most hair salon POS systems, including Shortcuts, and we will reprogram your terminal for FREE.

For stylists and barbers on the go, TTG’s flexible merchant account solutions include:

  •       Mobile credit card processing
  •       Wireless credit card terminals
  •       IP and dial up terminals

TTG will also help you limit your risk of credit card fraud and reduce chargebacks by giving you a FREE EMV-compatible terminal! This terminal, valued at $400, will allow you to accept EMV credit cards.


If you already have a merchant account and want to know how much you can save with TTG, email a recent statement to us at sales@thetransactiongroup.com, or fax it to 312-895-5628.

Whether you’re just setting up shop, or looking for a new, cost-effective merchant account for your hair salon, let TTG help you today!


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