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High Risk Credit Card Processing Accounts

high risk merchant accountDoes your business fall into a high risk classification that requires you to have a high-risk merchant account? Sometimes, merchants don’t know this answer, which is fine. However, if you’ve been told that your business is high-risk by a credit card processing provider, this is surely the case.

Credit card processors can be overly cautious when setting up some merchants with card processing capabilities, especially online businesses. These providers have a pre-determined guideline to risk associated with certain business types.


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When credit card processors set up merchant accounts for businesses, they take on a certain risk themselves. This risk they carry is usually based on historical data specifically relating to chargeback and default statistics.

High risk merchants often have a more difficult time getting set up with credit card processing services. And, when merchant account services providers to approve high risk businesses, rates and fees are understandably higher than standard rates and fees.

High-risk merchants fall the following industries (among others not mentioned below):

If you own or manage a business in one of the industries mentioned above, The Transaction Group can help find the right solution for you.

We also work with high volume merchants, merchants with high priced (high ticket) goods or services, and business owners that have poor credit.

The Transaction Group and our partners are specialists in the high risk merchant account segment. Since 2004, we have helped thousands of merchants to set up credit card processing services for their high-risk businesses.

Let us help your business set up high-risk merchant services! Call 888-383-8056 today to get started!