insurance-broker-merchant-accountDo you have the best merchant account services for your insurance company? Allow us to help!

At The Transaction Group (TTG) we realize that life is ripe with uncertainty. That’s why we believe in the importance of all insurance companies, agencies and brokers.

Services offered by these businesses deliver peace of mind to individuals and businesses alike. Without insurance policies in place to protect our interests, the world would be a different place.

While our service offerings at TTG differ greatly from insurance agencies and brokers, we know our services are also important to businesses. Our merchant accounts enable insurance agencies to process credit cards from customers for their insurance policy payments.

The Best Processing Solutions for Your Business

Insurance agents set themselves apart from competing companies by delivering a quality product at the most competitive pricing available. At TTG, we also set ourselves apart in the same way.

Since 2004, we’ve been setting up businesses throughout the world with the best merchant accounts for their individual requirements. We work with all business types, including insurance companies of all sizes.

Together with our network of banking and credit card processing partners, we are able to serve the merchant account needs of all businesses: from standard low-risk businesses to high-ticket and high-risk industries.

We offer traditional merchant accounts in which credit cards are processed in customer-facing transactions, as well as online processing services.

We also offer mobile credit card processing solutions via smartphone or tablet devices. These mobile services have proven to be great for insurance brokers that are frequently on the road making sales calls. Not only are these mobile solutions convenient to the customer and insurance agent, but also very economical.

High-Risk Processing is Our Specialty

A small percentage of all merchant services providers have the ability to work with high risk merchants. If your business is classified as high risk, you’ll need to find services from the right provider.

As stated above, we regularly work with high-risk businesses. In fact, high risk credit card processing is our specialty.

If your insurance company sells policies online, your business may fall into the high-risk classification. Or, if the principal of the insurance agency has bad credit, the business may also require high risk merchant services.

Don’t waste time applying and waiting for approval from other processors. TTG makes the application and approval process for high-risk merchant accounts smooth and easy.

Get Started Today

If you already have merchant account services for your insurance agency or brokerage, TTG may be able to save you money over existing processing fees. It’s not uncommon for us to save businesses as much at 25%!

Call us today at 888-383-8056 or simply ‘Apply Now’ to complete our pre-application. As soon as we hear from you, we’ll start working to get your insurance agency or brokerage set up with the best merchant account services available.

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