echeck international credit card processing alternativeDo you need a way to take payments from customers in the United States? Electronic check (eCheck) is the best payment processing solution for international businesses working with U.S. customers.

Businesses located outside the U.S. understand the difficulty in setting up credit card processing services; especially merchant services that enable them to take credit card payments from customers in the United States.

Regardless of their products or services for sale, all international businesses (businesses outside the U.S.) are considered high risk by banks in the United States.

For this reason unfortunately, most banks in the U.S. choose not to work with international businesses.

While credit card processing services are sometimes available “offshore” from international banks, they can be expensive and have less favorable terms for merchants.

Also with these risky offshore credit card processing solutions, merchants are usually subject to the withholding of reserves for extended periods of time.

At The Transaction Group, we’re here to help. Since 2004, we’ve been assisting international merchants with credit card processing and other payment services.

Through our years of experience in the worldwide payment processing industry, we have learned that eCheck (electronic check) services are the best solution for international businesses.

Far less risky than offshore credit card processing, electronic check is a secure data processing system that delivers efficient and accurate transaction processing between international businesses and consumers.

Unlike credit card processing, with the electronic check bank transfer, there are no risks of chargebacks by customers. This ensures that a business is able to continue to process payments from customers without having a merchant account suspended or terminated.

E-check is ideal for international and high risk businesses because it offers:

  • An easy approval process
  • No set up fees, no monthly fees & no hidden fees
  • Real-time transaction authorization
  • Weekly disbursement of funds
  • Easy recurring billing

If your international business is in need of a credit card processing solution, don’t set up a risky offshore solution.

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