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Laundromat & Dry Cleaners Merchant Account Services

dry cleaners merchant accountsDon’t let your merchant account provider take you to the cleaners. The Transaction Group (TTG) offers low cost credit card processing services to laundromats.

If you own or manage a laundromat, you understand the importance of quality as well as efficiency. Your customers depend on your attention to detail, speedy turn around and exceptional service.

At TTG we strive to continually to achieve those qualities too. But on a business-to-business level. We help all dry cleaners operate as efficiently as possible with our competitive rates on our secure and reliable merchant account services.

FREE Terminal Offer

Is your laundromat equipped with EMV credit card processing technology? If not, you may be putting your business in jeopardy and your customers at risk of identity theft. At TTG, we don’t want any business to go through that.

For a limited time, we are helping all businesses that take credit cards face-to-face to become EMV compliant by providing FREE EMV chip and PIN terminals. Up to a $700 value!

These hi-tech terminals include near field communication (NFC) technology for “contactless” payment processing. Your customers will love the option to pay for their dry cleaning using convenient smartphone payment apps such as Apple Pay.

Fast & Easy Application & Approval

We gladly accept applications from all dry cleaning businesses. Whether you’re just opening your business, or have an established laudromat but are shopping for better rates, we’d love to hear from you.

Our streamlined application and approval process takes as little as 2 business days. And, we can also quickly approve merchants with bad credit.

Additional Services

Chargeback Protection – Customer credit card disputes can quickly escalate to chargebacks. And a chargeback ratio as low as 2% can get your merchant account terminated. Protect your business today.

Merchant Cash Advance – Sometimes businesses need some extra cash to open a new location, purchase equipment or pay off existing debt. And getting a traditional business loan from a bank can be a headache. Get a merchant cash advance and enjoy fast funding and flexible terms.

Get Started Today!

Ready to get set up with a new merchant account or save money over existing credit card processing services at your laundromat?

TTG has the best solutions for dry cleaners! Apply now or call us today for a fast approval and set up.

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