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PayTheCard | Low Cost Wire Transfer Debit Payment Funding

wire payment fundingNow your business can pay or send money to your customers instantly at a fraction of the cost of a wire transfer and forgo the delay of the wire or ACH payment processing! A low cost alternative to wire transfers allows customers to receive funding from bank debit transfers within minutes!

The Transaction Group’s PayTheCard program offered by one of our partners is a powerful tool that not only adds convenience to businesses and consumers in the U.S., but also saves businesses a lot of money in banking charges.

This cheap alternative to wire transfer is much more efficient. No longer is it necessary to have customers hunt down their bank routing, account numbers and other details. No longer do you need to pay fees as high as $50 and then wait up to 24 hours for funding to go through.

With the PayTheCard service in place, your business can send money to other business’ and customers’ Visa and MasterCard debit cards as well as any card with Pulse, NYCE and Star logos.

Ideal for Many Business Types:

PayTheCard is ideal for U.S. business to business funding for the purchase of materials, supplies, as well as cash payments to customers.

Do you operate a fantasy sports league or website? Your customers can receive instant payment for winnings. And, you can make money by charging a small percentage for these instant payouts. You’re customers would be happy to pay a small fee to receive their winnings immediately.

If operate a payday loan company, you know that your customers need cash right away. PayTheCard is an excellent option for sending payday loans instantly.

PayTheCard works well for the following business types too:

  • ¬† Affiliate Networkslow cost wire transfer
  • ¬† Contract Employees
  • ¬† Insurance Companies
  • ¬† Business Loans & Capital Funding
  • ¬† Network Marketing & MLM
  • ¬† Corporate Payments & Payouts
  • ¬† Microloan Organizations
  • ¬† Corporate Disbursement Clients

Key Benefits to Businesses:

  • ¬† Save money over traditional banking wire transfer costs & fees
  • ¬† Speed up transfer time & eliminate banking delays on holidays

Key Benefits to Consumers:

  • ¬† Receive payments instantly to existing bank accounts
  • ¬† Withdraw cash at any ATM or bank

How PayTheCard Works

Set Up:

  • ¬† A business sets up PayTheCard & services are activated within 10 business days.
  • ¬† A business opens a separate bank account to fund debit card transfers.

Funding Process:

  • ¬† A business keys in individual transactions, submits a batch, or connects via API to initiate funding.
  • ¬† The transmission is received in real time over PCI DSS 3.0 compliant software and encrypted for secure processing.
  • ¬† Payee or customer receives notification of the deposit within minutes & has immediate access to funds with their debit card.

Get Started Today!

These days nearly all businesses and consumers carry and rely on their debit cards. PayTheCard is a simple way to transfer funds.

Save yourself the expense and hassle of wire transfer funding and offer your customers the added service and convenience of PayTheCard. Your customers will love the fast payouts!

Contact us today and start using the PayTheCard Service in less than 2 weeks!