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Merchant Account Services for Marijuana Seeds | Cannabis

marijuana seed bank merchant accountFinding merchant account services for your cannabis seed bank can be tricky. Although businesses that sell marijuana seeds can encounter difficulties securing reliable credit card processing solutions, it isn’t impossible.

Many banks and financial institutions hesitate to offer merchant accounts to cannabis seed merchants because of the fluctuating legality of marijuana products and inconsistent government regulations; this can leave those who own or manage legally operating marijuana seed banks high and dry.

The ability to accept credit card and debit card payments is essential for any retail business, including merchants who sell marijuana seeds.

Not too long ago, it was impossible to find merchant account services for marijuana seed banks, but that’s no longer the case. The Transaction Group (TTG) has specialized in helping high risk merchants worldwide since 2004, including hundreds of cannabis seed merchants.

Our banking partners understand the challenges faced by marijuana industry merchants and they routinely provide qualifying cannabis seed businesses with merchant accounts. If your marijuana seed distribution business legally operates in your state (or country), our partners can help you set up PCI-compliant credit card processing.

TTG’s e-commerce merchant accounts allow you to sell your marijuana seeds globally using a secure, reliable online payment gateway. Your customers can provide payment easily and with confidence that their information is being transacted securely.

Value-Added Merchant Services

Chargeback Shield: TTG’s chargeback protection program helps mediate customer disputes with credit card companies before they become chargebacks. Don’t let customer disputes ruin your business or cost you your merchant account, enroll today.

Merchant Cash Advance: If you need operating capital for your legal marijuana seed bank, TTG’s merchant cash advance program features a fast and easy application and approval process, as well as flexible terms and no fixed payment schedule.

If you have questions about merchant account services for your cannabis seed business, call us! If you’re ready to set up reliable credit card processing so that you can securely sell your marijuana seeds online, apply now and put TTG’s experience to work for you today!


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