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Merchant Account Services for PC, Computer & Software Tech Support

tech support merchant accountDo banks treat your computer/software tech support company like a virus when it comes to providing cost-effective merchant account services?

The Transaction Group (TTG) understands that it can be hard to find reliable, secure credit card processing and related merchant account solutions, especially if you’re based outside of the U.S.

Like many service-based e-commerce businesses, online tech support companies are categorized as high risk merchants, meaning that they are often charged higher rates because of their potential to experience more chargebacks.

Still, an established business with a good credit history, with the help of an experienced merchant account services provider, can overcome this bias.

The TTG Difference

TTG has a vast network of established banks and processors worldwide that provide reliable, secure, cost-effective merchant account services for PC, computer & software tech support companies, no matter where they are in the world.

Whether you offer remote tech support and virus removal for PCs/computers or software, or have a storefront, TTG can help—even if you’re a start-up. Since 2004, TTG has helped domestic and international businesses of all types secure merchant accounts that include helpful add-on services, such as chargeback protection, in addition to credit card processing solutions.

If your business supports in-home PC repair, we can provide you with a mobile credit card processing solution that will allow you to transact on smartphones and tablets. All of our mobile terminals are EMV-, NFC Chip-, and PIN-ready.

And if you already have a processing history, TTG will offer you a FREE rate analysis. Email your most recent statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.com, and we’ll show you how we can lower your existing processing rates and fees by as much as 25%!

Act now and your business can start accepting credit cards as soon as 2 business days. Let TTG help you set up your tech support merchant account today!


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