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Gentlemen’s Strip Club & Adult Entertainment Merchant Accounts

strip club merchant accountThe Transaction Group (TTG) provides secure and reliable merchant accounts for gentlemen’s clubs and other merchants that offer adult entertainment.

Are you looking for a credit card processing solution for your gentlemen’s club?

Due to the nature of  nude entertainment, banks deem strip club businesses as high-risk. This classification makes it more difficult to obtain a merchant account.

If you’re opening a new adult entertainment nightclub, you may already be aware of this, and the fact that high-risk merchant accounts come with higher rates. Well, TTG is here to help you.

We’ve been assisting businesses of all shapes and sizes with card processing services since 2004. With our network of banking partners, we can get your business set up to take credit cards fast and easy. And at very competitive rates!

Free Terminal or Free POS System Reprogramming

While other providers sell terminals to their merchants or charge high lease fees, at TTG we provide an EMV compliant terminal with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for FREE. A value of up to $750!

If you already accept credit cards at your gentlemen’s club and are shopping for better rates, you’ve come to the right place. We can save you as much as 25% over your current merchant account rates and fees.

Our free terminal offer applies to established businesses as well. Or if you currently have the Micros POS system (common in the adult entertainment industry) in place, we’ll reprogram it for free.

Find out how much we can save you by sending your recent processing statements to sales@thetransactiongroup.com. We will get back to you in 1 business day with a detailed report with your projected savings.

Point-of-Banking Cash Solutions

Ensure that your customers have cash to tip your staff. With a POB solution, you can allow you customers to withdrawal cash from their debit and credit cards.

Chargeback Shield

Credit card chargebacks can happen with all high-risk businesses. Perhaps even more so in the adult entertainment industry. Protect your business from the crippling effects of chargebacks with Chargeback Shield.

Merchant Cash Advance

Do you need working capital to expand, open a new location or pay off existing debt? We offer a merchant cash advance solution with very favorable terms and a flexible repayment schedule. Get the funding you need fast and easy!

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to accept credit cards at your gentlemen’s club? Contact TTG today! We’ll help get you set up with a merchant account for your adult entertainment business fast and easy!


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