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Merchant Cash Advance Loan | Business Funding & Financing

merchant cash advance Are you looking for working capital for your business? The Transaction Group and our partners offer merchant cash advance options that are excellent alternative to traditional small business loans.

Why waste time filling out lengthy business loan applications then waiting weeks for an approval or decline from a bank? With our merchant cash advance program, we can get you the funding your need quickly and conveniently.

Our streamlined application is very easy to complete. Our agents will even walk you through it over the phone if you prefer, and then have your business approved in as little as 2 business days!

And, we don’t care how you use the cash advance loan. Whether you need financing for equipment, to expand an existing location or new location, or to pay off debt, does not matter to us. You know your business better than anyone, and you can decide how best to use the funding.

Is your business or personal credit not so perfect? That’s not a problem. The Transaction Group and our banking partners can even provide business capital financing to businesses that have credit challenges, tax liens, and even bankruptcies.

How Our Merchant Cash Advance Works

Our bank can offer a cash advance up to $1 million. Financing for the merchant cash advance program is based on each business’ monthly sales volume. We offer two options for our program. Funding is based on either:

  1.     Monthly merchant credit card processing sales
  2.     Monthly cash deposits in a business checking account

For the 1st option, our agents will base the loan amount on your business’ monthly credit card processing volume.

The 2nd option typically applies to merchants that do not have credit card processing services. Sometimes businesses in high-risk segments fall into this category. The cash advance loan amount will be based on the monthly cash flow volume of the business.

With either option, the cash advance business loan has very favorable terms and a flexible repayment schedule. The loan is re-paid through a percentage of the business’ future sales.

There is no set repayment schedule! Our terms are very favorable and flexible, which make this program ideal for all businesses, especially those with cyclical sales trends.

Are you ready to get merchant cash advance for your business? Call today at 888-383-8056!


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