bridal store merchant cash advanceWedding season is an exciting and hectic time for brides and their families. The same holds true for bridal stores and boutiques. These businesses must be prepared to handle the unexpected. In order to do so, it’s often necessary to have extra cash on hand.

Whether purchasing supplies or equipment, staffing-up, expanding a store or opening a new location, cash on hand goes a long way in a busy season. Without it, some businesses may miss out on potential growth opportunities.

For most small businesses, it’s often challenging to scrape up extra funds when they are needed. And although a traditional business loan from a bank may be a good source of capital, it’s not a feasible option for some businesses, including those in the wedding and bridal industry.

At The Transaction Group (TTG), we can help. While we don’t have such a glamorous a role as being a vital component to possibly the happiest day in the lives of many, we’re also in business to serve others. In particular, we assist businesses with merchant services.

Together with our banking partners, we can help businesses secure the financial services they need. In addition to our area of expertise, credit card processing services, we also assist with merchant funding.

If you need capital for your wedding or bridal store, get the merchant funding you need with a cash advance from TTG and our partners.

A cash advance loan offers incredible flexibility over traditional business loans:

Fast Approval & Funding

Traditional business loans typically have a lengthy application and approval processs, and once approved, take more time to receive funds. With merchant funding, the approval process is fast and easy and funding can take place in as little as 1 business day!

Use of Funds

You know your bridal business better than anyone. Unlike strict guidelines for most business loans, merchant funding allows business owners to use funds for whatever purpose best suits their needs.

Flexible Payments

Although weddings take place all year long, there’s no question that the majority is seasonal, and sales can fluctuate dramatically in various months throughout the year.

Merchant cash advance funding payments are based on monthly sales, not a fixed amount as is the case with traditional business loans. This makes merchant funding a better option for businesses with seasonal sales, such as bridal and wedding businesses.

In just 3 simple steps, you can have the funding you need for this bridal season:

merchant funding stepsReady to get cash for your bridal business? Simply ‘Apply Now’ and complete our pre-application. We’ll get in touch with you right away.

Have questions about a merchant cash advance for your wedding or bridal shop or interested in credit card processing services? Contact us today at 888-383-8056.

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