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Merchant Services for Fantasy Sports Leagues | Credit Card Processing

ref6Fantasy football, baseball, or other sports league commissioners who strike out with payment collection need a merchant services solution from The Transaction Group (TTG).

Are you tired of going into overtime dealing with non-paying owners or those who pay late? Do you find yourself fronting online league hosting fees, as a result? If you need an alternative to cash and check payments, TTG can help you set up a secure, efficient credit card processing services and have your league accepting credit & debit cards within days of applying.

Fantasy sport leagues typically have a hard time establishing merchant accounts, since banks categorize leagues as “high risk.” There’s no need for you to open an offshore account just so you can accept credit cards. Nor should you have to get stuck in a long-term contract and/or deal with rising rates and hidden fees.


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TTG has helped all types of businesses benefit from reliable and affordable payment processing solutions for more than 10 years, and we specialize in assisting high risk merchants.

U.S.-based Merchant Accounts for High Risk Businesses

Our U.S.-based banking partner has helped hundreds of businesses, and leagues just like yours, establish merchant accounts and payment gateways that boast the same competitive rates enjoyed by many mainstream businesses, and there are:

No hidden fees or long-term contracts!

TTG wants your league’s credit card payment collection process to be convenient and dependable, so you can spend your time focusing on the draft, scoring, and league rules. Your secure and cost-effective TTG merchant services account will assure your fantasy sports league’s members that they are on a winning team.

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