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Online Credit Card Processing Marijuana CO, OR

online credit card processing marijuanaNow recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado (CO) and Oregon (OR) can sell products from their websites and process credit card payments online at checkout!

This new service from The Transaction Group (TTG) and our partners adds incredible convenience to customers and the marijuana dispensary.

Customers love the ability to shop for products in a dispensary’s online store and then use this unique online credit card processing solution to pay for the marijuana products of their choosing.

The service is especially beneficial to loyal customers that know the specific product they wish to purchase. With even a smart phone, these customers can make their repeat purchases from the convenience of their homes or en route to the dispensary.

And as long as inventory control mechanisms are in place, customers no longer have to be disappointed to get to the dispensary and find out that their favorite kush is sold out.

Completed orders will be waiting for pickup, saving time in potential checkout lines for the customer. Upon arrival at the dispensary, a quick ID check and hand off is all it takes to complete the transaction. That’s nearly first-class service!

By offering this online credit card processing service for marijuana products at Oregon and Colorado dispensaries, owners and managers are able to free up valuable resources.

Sales staff and cash registers are left available for other customers shopping in the physical store. The little time saved for each pre-purchase customer can add up, increasing overall sales revenue.

And, if even in just the slightest amount, the service addresses the excess cash issue facing most dispensary owners. Pre-paid sales with online credit card processing for marijuana products helps to reduce cash-on-hand for dispensaries in Oregon and Colorado.

At TTG, we’ve been assisting the marijuana industry with business services since 2011. We understand the frustration that many marijuana industry businesses have faced over the years in regard to banking and merchant services. Without these services, business suffers.

Yes, we are a merchant services provider. But, we are also strong advocates for the recreational and medical marijuana industry. That’s why we are dedicated to continue to find and develop payment processing solutions for marijuana dispensaries in the U.S.

If you’re interested in learning more about our online credit card processing for marijuana for a dispensary in Colorado or Oregon, contact us today!

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