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Our Mission

The Transaction Group assists businesses with credit card processing solutions and financial services. We specialize in high risk merchant account services but also serve e-commerce businesses and low-risk ‘Mainstreet USA’ (retail) businesses and are currently offering FREE EMV chip and PIN terminals with a merchant account placement.

Together with our industry-leading partners, we are able to help businesses of all types acquire low-cost credit card processing services and offer tools to help merchants reduce customer disputes and chargebacks. The Transaction Group also provides other financial solutions such ACH check processing and business cash advances.

Since 2004, The Transaction Group has been a key player in the merchant services industry. Our vast experience and industry knowledge has allowed us to place thousands of businesses with the right credit card processors based on their specific business needs. Read what some of our customers have said about us on our testimonials page. Read More


U.S. Businesses


Most businesses that accept credit cards face-to-face (retail) are considered low risk and will qualify for a standard merchant account. We call these businesses ‘Main Street USA’.

Ecommerce businesses can also fall into this low risk classification based on the products or services they are selling online.

Through our partners, we are able to offer free EMV & NFC compatible terminals with the lowest rates and fees on merchant account services to businesses located in the United States. We work will businesses of all sizes in all industries, including new businesses just getting off the ground.


High Risk U.S. Businesses


You can be classified as a high-risk merchant for a number of reasons. It can be based upon the products or services you sell, how you sell them, or even your personal or business financial situation. When it comes to high risk merchant accounts, we are the experts. For over 10 years, we have specialized in setting up high-risk credit card processing services for businesses that face challenges due to credit or industry-based, high-risk classification.

We have domestic banking partners that will approve most high risk businesses for merchant account services. If our domestic partners are unable set up a business with high risk credit card processing services, we have offshore solutions available.


Get Started Now!


Whether you’re an established business looking to get an EMV compliant terminal or a new business looking for low or high-risk merchant account services, we’re happy to help! Contact us today to get started with a credit card processing for your business!

Merchant Services

New FDA Rules & Regulations for E-Cig & Vape Retail Stores

With the incredible rate of growth in the past few years, businesses in the e-cigarette industry in the United States have done well for themselves. Behind the curtain, however, the vapes and e-cig industry has been on edge for the past couple years. And now more than ever due to new rules and regulations by […]

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Marijuana Industry Challenges with Banks & Financial Services

As of mid-2016, 25 states and Washington D.C. have voted to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Several other states, including Florida, have ballot measures or pending legislation and are very close to implementing medical marijuana programs too. Marijuana has proven to be less dangerous than once claimed by federal officials and effective […]

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Questions to Ask & Things to Know About Merchant Accounts

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Reviewing Merchant Account Statements Can Save You Money

Starting a business is both exciting and overwhelming. With so many tasks to complete to open the doors, so to speak, sometimes the most important decisions receive the least amount of attention. The selection of a merchant account is often one of them. It’s understandable that reviewing merchant account providers and comparing rates and fees […]

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Square or PayPal Smartphone Merchant Account Shut Down

For all small business owners that have customer facing sales transactions these days, the ability to process credit cards is almost a requirement. Customers just prefer to pay with plastic. Cool smartphone technology from companies like Square and PayPal, enable small businesses to have an affordable merchant account solution without having a bunch of equipment […]

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Credit Card Processing Medical Marijuana Caregivers

As a medical marijuana caregiver, you have an important role in the lives of patients that rely on marijuana for medicinal purposes. Of course you’re well aware that without your services, many patients would be left without means of obtaining the medicine they desperately need. However, medical marijuana caregivers may be missing a key component […]

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The Best Mobile Smartphone Credit Card Reader

When it comes to smartphone credit card processing readers, there are many to choose from. Big name companies like Square and PayPal have spent millions on marketing and are certainly well known, but it doesn’t mean they are the best. At The Transaction Group (TTG), we’ve been assisting businesses throughout the U.S. with merchant account […]

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Merchant Funding for Wedding Dress & Bridal Stores

Wedding season is an exciting and hectic time for brides and their families. The same holds true for bridal stores and boutiques. These businesses must be prepared to handle the unexpected. In order to do so, it’s often necessary to have extra cash on hand. Whether purchasing supplies or equipment, staffing-up, expanding a store or […]

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Merchant Funding for Retail Clothing Stores & Boutiques

Do you need cash flow for your retail clothing store or boutique and unsure about getting a business loan? Merchant funding is the best business loan alternative for many businesses like yours! While banks and other financing companies are a fine source of capital for small business expansion, the application and approval process for business […]

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Merchant Cash Advance Loan for Cash Wash Businesses

Are you looking for capital for your car wash business and not sure where you’re going to get the funding you need? A merchant cash advance may be your solution! Historically, the first choice for sourcing extra cash for businesses was from a traditional business loan from a bank or lender. While getting a business […]

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