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Penny Auction Merchant Account Services

penny auction merchant accountHaving the right merchant account services for your penny auction site can be critical to your overall success. The Transaction Group (TTG) can help you set up the best credit card processing solution for your needs, and save you money!

Whether you’re just starting your business or have an established website, you’re probably aware that penny auctions fall into a high-risk category. This is simply due to the business model, which can be considered a form of gambling. Like online gambling websites, penny auction websites carry a higher rate of chargebacks by customers.

Finding the Right Processor

Although there is certainly no shortage of credit card processors out there, high risk merchant accounts are required for all penny auction sites. And, finding a high risk processor and then getting approved can be challenging.

Even more challenging is finding a reliable processor that will not over-charge for credit card processing services.

Obviously, rates for high-risk services are higher than low-risk. High rates dig into profit margin, but fortunately there are still affordable options for merchants.

Before getting locked into a contract with a processor or wasting any more time searching for providers, allow TTG to find you the most competitive rates and fees from one of our many partnering banks.

TTG has been assisting businesses worldwide with their payment processing needs since 2004. Our industry knowledge, experience and dedication to our clients are unmatched and we are proud of our reputation as a leading provider for high risk merchant accounts.

We have set up countless high-risk business with low, competitive rates for secure and reliable online debit and credit card processing solutions, including penny auction websites. Even having poor credit is not a problem!

Additional Services

Chargeback Shield – Most merchants are unaware that a chargeback ratio as high as 2% can prevent them from ever taking credit cards again. For online businesses, this can mean closing completely. Protect your business from the crippling effects of customer chargebacks with chargeback shield. Learn more.

Merchant Cash Advance – For most businesses, there are times when having extra cash comes in handy. But getting approved for a business loan can be a headache. With our merchant cash advance program, you can get the funding you need fast and easy. Learn more.

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If you already have a processing provider but are shopping for better rates, there’s a good chance that we can save you 20% over your existing rates and fees. Either email recent statements to sales@thetransactiongroup.com or fax to 312-895-5628 for your FREE Rate Analysis.

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If you’re ready to get set up to take credit cards at your new penny auction website, apply now! We’ll have your business set up with merchant account services in just a few business days!


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