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Retirement Home & Senior Care Merchant Account Services

senior care retirement homes merchant servicesIf you manage a retirement home, offering flexible payment options is an act of compassion. Senior care merchant account services allows your residents and their families to have some peace of mind while they make this difficult life transition.

Most people rely on credit and debit cards to pay for services, so having credit card processing at your retirement home is a must.

Residents or their loved ones can minimize potential financial challenges by making payments over an extended period of time or have conveniently establish automatic recurring billing; your senior care facility will be paid in a timely manner without the need for costly monthly paper invoices.

Having the right expertise to assess your senior care facility’s unique payment processing requirements helps. The Transaction Group (TTG) has assisted retirement home management with their merchant account services needs since 2004.

  • Easy, streamlined application
  • Fast approval
  • Cost-effective, PCI-compliant solutions
  • Low rates & fees

EMV Compliant Merchant Services

TTG makes it a priority to stay at the forefront of payment technologies. We offer safe, reliable, low cost options, including EMV-NFC PIN and chip card terminals.

Keeping your senior care facility and residents safe from credit card fraud makes good business sense, and TTG wants to help in this effort by giving your retirement home a FREE EMV terminal, worth as much as $795!

In addition to being a requirement in October, EMV terminals help minimize chargebacks and reduce customer disputes.

All TTG terminals are also equipped with near-field communication (NFC) readers, so EMV-chipped credit cards or mobile payment services like Apple Pay or Google Wallet can be processed.

Free Rate Analysis

If you already have a merchant account at your retirement home and would like to save money, TTG can save you up to 25% of your current credit card processing rates and fees!

Email a recent processing statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.com, or fax it to 312-896-5628, and start saving now.

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If you’re looking for reliable merchant account services for your retirement home, or looking to lower the rates your senior care facility currently pays, contact TTG today!

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