american express merchant accountsDoes your business accept American Express (AMEX) credit cards? Now your business can save money on American Express merchant accounts!

It’s almost common knowledge that many businesses or merchants seem to have always had an unfavorable opinion about American Express credit cards.

Whether addressed to them or another customer within earshot, most Americans are have heard the phrase, “Sorry, we don’t take American Express,” many times over the years.

Often the tone of the delivery of this phrase makes it seem as if the cardholder is in the wrong for even attempting to pay with that card.

What AMEX Means to Merchants

Why do some merchants treat AMEX like the red headed stepchild? While consumers love the card for the rewards they receive, American Express credit cards have traditionally been a headache for merchants.

Historically, AMEX charged businesses much higher fees than other major credit card companies in order to fund its reward program and provide additional perks to cardholders.

Not only were the rates higher, but also the separate merchant account billing made it a pain, and often confusing for businesses when reviewing merchant account statements. And longer settlement times forced merchants to wait several business days before receiving funds from sales.

It’s understandable that merchants would rather just accept the other two major brands at the risk of offending customers. If nothing else, not taking AMEX would save them money.

The New AMEX

The times have changed! AMEX has revamped their service so that it is now more favorable for businesses.

With new, lower fees, merchants can accept AMEX and actually save money on American Express merchant accounts. New rates and fees that can be even be lower than cards from some competing brands and banks make using AMEX a “no brainer!”

Businesses that set up a merchant account can now have one account which details all credit card processing activity, including American Express transactions.

And settlement times now just 1-2 business days allow merchants to receive funds from goods sold much faster.

Does your business accept American Express? If not, it’s time to get on board. Your business can now proudly say, “yes we accept American Express!”

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