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Small Business Merchant Accounts | Card Processing Services

small business merchant accountAccepting credit cards is a necessity in today’s competitive business environment. At The Transaction Group (TTG), we are dedicated to assisting all entities with their merchant account needs, including small business.

Whether you’re just in the planning stages, or have an established business and have been taking credit card payments for years, our solutions will help your business to operate more effectively and efficiently. And, our competitive rates will save you money over other providers.

The Right Solution for Your Business

We offer a multitude of credit card processing solutions to fit the individual needs of every small business. Of course there are many payment options out there, but the key is selecting the right one.

Often, popular payment solutions such as PayPal and the Square seem to be the “go to” solution for smaller companies that need to accept customer credit cards. While they work well for some businesses that either process transactions online or face-to-face, they are not ideal for many others.

These solutions are seemingly less expensive because they boast “no monthly processing fees”. But, they carry higher per transaction rates. For businesses that intend to run more than just a few transactions per day, these higher rates will end up costing much more than traditional merchant accounts.

And, if your business teeters on the edge of high risk, you’ll likely be declined or have your account terminated at a later time by those “solutions”. It’s not uncommon for small businesses with products or services that fall into a high-risk classification to be approved, start processing and later be shut down.

But at TTG, you’re in good hands. We’ve been serving businesses with financial solutions since 2004. Our sales team will assist you in setting up your business with one of our preferred banking partners that specializes in working with your specific business type.

Not only does this save you the time and frustration in finding the best provider for your business, but it also speeds up the approval process, so that you can start taking customer credit card payments sooner.

Ecommerce Solutions

With our online merchant accounts, you’ll receive a secure and reliable online payment gateway – along with a virtual terminal at no additional cost.

Your virtual terminal will enable you to process customer credit cards by keying in the card information. This is very useful for situations in which face-to-face or over-the-phone card processing is necessary.

And our payment gateways are compatible with virtually all online shopping cart systems.

Storefront Solutions

Small businesses that handle customer-facing sales will be EMV compliant with our EMV chip & PIN terminals.

We’re currently offering FREE EMV terminals with a merchant account placement. These hi-tech terminals are equipped with near field communication technology (NFC) for ‘contactless’ payment processing apps such as Apple Pay.

We also offer POS systems for businesses that need a more robust solution, as well as smartphone and wireless terminal options for businesses requiring a mobile solution.

Additional Services

[su_box title=”Business Cash Advance” box_color=”#6293d1″]Sometimes businesses just need a little extra cash, but the process of applying for and receiving financing for a business loan can be a daunting task.

With our Business Cash Advance program, you can receive the funding you need fast and easy. Our program offers favorable terms and a flexible repayment schedule. Best of all, you have the freedom to use funding for whatever purpose necessary! [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Chargeback Shield” box_color=”#6293d1″]Chargebacks happen. Period. Sometimes customers have a tendency to dispute charges before even contacting you to discuss possible solutions. And once the chargeback process gets rolling, there’s no stopping it.

Even with a chargeback ratio as low as 2%, you can still have your merchant account terminated, stripping your business of the ability to process credit card payments. Don’t let your business suffer the crippling effects of chargebacks. Protect your business with Chargeback Shield. [/su_box]

Get Started Today!

If you already have credit card processing services, take advantage of our FREE rate analysis by emailing a recent statement to sales@thetransactiongroup.com or faxing it to 312-896-5628. Chances are we’ll save you up to 20% over your existing rates and fees.

Call us with any questions or ‘Apply Now’. Our application is easy to complete and once submitted, we can have your small business set up with a merchant account in 2-3 business days.

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