student loan document prep credit card processingThese days, just about every business on the planet needs a credit card processing solution to process customer payments. Student loan document prep businesses are no exception.

Your student loan document preparation business serves a very specific clientele. We don’t have to tell you that your niche is extremely unique and your services are valuable to your prospective customers.

What we can tell you is that without the right credit card processing solution for your student loan document prep business, your business may not operate as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

We can help! You see here at The Transaction Group (TTG) our business is not unlike yours. We provide specialized services to help our customers in areas where they have less experience.

When it comes to student loan document prep. You’re the experts. When it comes to credit card processing services, we’re the experts.

Since 2004, TTG has been assisting businesses throughout the world with their payment processing and merchant account services needs.

Our industry knowledge and experience along with our network of banking relationships ensures that we find businesses the best credit card processing solutions for their individual requirements.

While there is certainly no shortage of merchant services providers, it is always more challenging for high risk businesses to get set up to take credit cards.

Many banks and credit card processors choose not to accept higher risk businesses because these businesses have a historically higher rate of disputes and chargebacks by customers.

At TTG, we work will all businesses types including online, service-related businesses that fall into the high risk classification.

Your student loan document prep business likely falls into a higher risk classification. But we can help your business get approved for a merchant account fast and easy at the best rates available.

If you need a credit card processing solution for your student loan preparation business, don’t waste time waiting on an approval or throw your money your money away with a processor that may over-charge you.

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