terpenes credit card processingDo you need to take credit cards at your terpene products business? The Transaction Group (TTG) offers credit card processing solutions for terpenes retailers and wholesalers.

At TTG, we are strong supporters of the cannabis and vape industries and know these industries well. We understand the importance of terpene oils in the creation of the vast varieties of flavoring in cannabis as well as the use of terpenes in vaping.

Though not as exciting, what we know best are merchant services. Whether you sell your products in a B2B environment or directly to consumers, our solutions can help take your terpenes business to the next level.

TTG & The Marijuana Industry

Just like marijuana growers, dispensaries and consumers require your terpene oils for product development, product sales and consumption, these same entities require TTG’s payment solutions.

We’ve been working with the marijuana industry since 2012. Our credit card processing services at TTG have enabled us to assist marijuana dispensaries throughout the U.S. with their non-cash payment needs.

We’re humbled, yet happy that our services have become a favorite of hundreds of marijuana dispensaries across the United States.

Our services allow these dispensaries to offer a value-added convenience to customers, but also help to alleviate the dangers associated with operating as a cash-only business.
Our credit card processing services will maximize operational efficiency at your terpenes business by allowing your customers to pay using any major credit card. We’ll deliver a solution that meets your business’ specific requirements.

TTG & High Risk Credit Card Processing

Getting approved for high risk merchant accounts can be challenging. We regularly hear stories from our customers about lengthy underwriting processes with other providers that ultimately end with a decline from the processor.

We understand that your time is valuable. Our expertise in the high risk credit card processing realm enables us to deliver solutions for virtually all high risk businesses, including terpenes stores and retailers.

Through our network of banking relationships, we are able to provide the best solutions to high risk industry businesses.

Apply for Terpenes Credit Card Processing

High risk approvals tend to take more time than standard low risk approvals, but rest assured, we will work diligently to have your approval and setup completed as quickly as possible.

We’ll gladly answer all your questions and walk you through the application for credit card processing services for your terpenes store.

Call us today at 888-383-8056 or complete our short form and we will be in touch with your within 1 business day.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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