Here’s what just a few of our many satisfied clients have to say… 


“I own a MMJ Delivery service by the name The Medicine Woman. I called The Transaction Group earlier looking for a CC processing company as its been very difficult to find companies that back this movement. I spoke to Michael Rupkalvis in regards to setting up a new account and within 30 minutes my account was set up and we were able to use there platform and take transactions. The software, setup & rates were great! I highly recommend this company for ALL CC processing within the MMJ community.”

Bill James



“After finally taking some time to review my monthly statements for merchant terminal services I realized I was paying too much compared to other peers of mine in and around my area of business. After talking with them about who they use to handle their terminal accounts TGA was coming up multiple times. I called to see what Michael could do for me and he ran an analysis on my monthly charges. I was shocked how much money he could save me! After seeing that I quickly signed on with him. I went through an easy and simple training process with my new equipment (which was crucial for my business to stay current with the EMV transition) and I was up and running as well as saving money with every purchase. I’m glad I made the switch!”

Dr. Edgar T. Vesce, CCSP



“My rates were sky hgh and I wanted a local business we could rely on, Michael and his team analyzed my monthly statements and showed me how much money he could save us monthly. After seeing the projections, i immediatly made the switch and we were awarded with the savings he promised. Thank you Guys!”

Nathan Stuart

Seafood Kitchen, Atlantic Beach FL


“The Transaction Group (TTG) is just amazing! We built our entire eCommerce site from the ground up – using many services and vendors. Of all the companies we worked with, Michael Rupkalvis from TTG is right at the top. This company’s customer service, email responsiveness, phone responsiveness, education and hands-on training, along with their plain “straight talk” made the credit card processing for our site a breeze! AND, the best part, you can shop around like we did….and we compared TTG’s recommended credit card processing package and rates to about 50 leading competitors, and they were hands down the least expensive and provided more services than any company we could find on the internet. If you are going to do eCommerce on the internet and accepting credit cards, and you are not using TTG advice for your credit card processing and gateway, you are definitely leaving $$ on the table, and missing out on true customer service and excellence in everything they do, something you don’t find too often in this fast paced internet world we live in today. Thanks TTG for everything!!!!”

Susan P. Peterson 

Party Maker Discount Mega Store


“For several years I have had the pleasure to have The Transaction Group handle all of my credit card transaction issues for my corporate office, as well as my 510 international and domestic franchises. Michael Rupkalvis has been available, attentive and pleasant to work with. Most importantly, he found excellent cost saving methods for my corporation. Credit card equipment and transactions can equate to an expensive and often frustrating experience. Fortunately, he has made this aspect of my business very simple. My franchises have had wonderful things to say about the investment and overall assistance given by The Transaction Group.”

Cynthia McKay



“I’ve been working with The Transaction Group (TTG) for over two years now. I cannot speak highly enough of the company and their services. They are always extremely professional, knowledgeable, and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. No question is too trivial to warrant the company’s attention, and founder Michael Rupkalvis treats my business problems as though they are his own — transaction-related and otherwise! TTG care and attention extends well beyond credit card processing; the company provides helpful tips on everything from site marketing to search engine optimization. Further, they are extremely well versed in all issues transaction-processing related, and they regularly review my rates to ensure I am getting the best available pricing. I recommend The Transaction Group unconditionally.”

Lesley Workman



“Janmedia has been using the Transaction Group to facilitate our merchant accounts since 2003 and I personally cannot say enough about the level of professionalism with which they operate. Not only do they assist in creating accounts for new businesses, but many of our clients with preexisting internet merchant account end up saving considerable amounts through the assistance of the TTG…and for that we cannot thank them enough.”

Matt Scherrer



“As a new retail merchant I had a lot of decisions to make regarding my business banking and credit card terminals. I explained my situation to Michael and he truly wanted to help me make a solid and affordable decision. My purchase of the wireless terminal by Way Systems has proven to be an incredible business asset. It is so easy to use and my customers love it as well. They are very impressed by its ease and technology. It’s peace of mind when you sell a high value item and you have an instant approval code from the bank. The funds are usually deposited into my business account within 24 to 48 hours and the monthly statement I receive is also user friendly. I highly recommend Michael’s services to my fellow merchants and customers.”

Susan Grant



“The service and support we’ve received from Michael Rupkalvis have been nothing short of fantastic. Not only is there no start-up fee, the rates are good and the set up was fast. We’ve referred all of our clients to Michael for the last 2 years.”

Tim Donahue



“Awesome – the terminal is the best. The service is great and you have always been there to help me out in a very timely manner. I have even received compliments from clients regarding the Way System technology.”

Mark Sauvao

Valient Limousine Transportation Services


“After performing an extensive review of The Transaction Group, I can honestly say I would recommend doing business with this company. The Transaction Group is very straightforward about its business practices; something that is appreciated by the many merchants that use TTG for their transaction processing. Negative reviews of The Transaction Group are hard to find. This is a good indication that the typical customer is happy with service they are receiving. Another appealing aspect of The Transaction Group is there is no required contract duration, meaning you will not be forced to enter into a long term commitment. These indicators plus the fact that they do not charge a cancellation fee makes The Transaction Group a very worthy option for your credit card processing needs.”

Joe Stoffel