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Text Pay Credit Card Processing, SMS Messaging

Text Pay Texting Message Credit Card ProcessingThrough one of our preferred processing partners, TTG now offers the most versatile smartphone merchant account solution on the market: Text Pay credit card processing.

Text Pay is designed for card-not-present transactions, where a physical credit card is not needed to process a payment. After setting up an account, your customers have the ability to pay for products or services simply by sending a text message or SMS message.

Customers can also conveniently send payments using their smartphones via a phone call or online with the user-friendly Internet payment portal.

Phone transactions are complete after the customer responds, “yes” to authorize the payment with the automated attendant. Internet transactions can be completed after a customer logs into the portal and submits the payment.

All Business Types

Our Text Pay program is fit for all businesses in low-risk industries.

Text Pay is a very practical option for merchants that have recurring customer billing, such as leasing, rental or property management agencies.

When a monthly payment is due, the merchant sends a reminder text message. The customer can respond instantly and forward Text Pay payment using their mobile phone.

Convenient & Cost Saving

Customers love the convenience of submitting payments electronically. Replacing paper bills and the task of writing and mailing checks with a text or SMS payment is preferable to most.

Payment processing doesn’t get easier for a customer than texting using their smartphone!

But Text Pay is not just for improved customer satisfaction and customer relations. Time saving and cost saving for businesses adds up quickly. Merchants can set up purchases in seconds and receive customer payments almost instantly.

No longer do merchants have to send out invoices, deposit physical checks and wait for them to clear or send out late notices! With Text Pay credit card processing the merchant’s text message will serve as the reminder and prompt immediate response and payment.

Loaded with Features

Using the web dashboard in our program, merchants can track transactions, view all past transactions and even perform voids and refunds all on the go.

Inventory tracking and management is made easy with our smartphone solution. Add, remove and edit item details and have changes automatically synched with POS terminals and the web dashboard in real time.

Customers can receive receipts through email or text. If required, the merchant can quickly find and resend receipts to customers.

This technology is PCI compliant. Data is encrypted before being transmitted, ensuring that it is kept secure throughout the transaction.

Get Started Today!

Our application and approval process is very easy. Contact us today or complete our short application to get set up with Text Pay credit card processing services for your business. We look forward to saving your business time and money!

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