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Wireless & Mobile Merchant Account Credit Card Terminals

wireless merchant account terminalsYou’ve no doubt heard a lot about wireless and mobile merchant account services terminals. Everything is wireless or mobile these days. Maybe you’ve even wondered if these terminals are right for your business.

While stationary terminals that are plugged into a power outlet and a phone or Internet line are perfect for merchants that swipe customer credit cards in a physical location, they don’t work for every merchant.

Wireless & mobile merchant terminals were designed to help people to accept and process credit and debit cards without having to be plugged in. They are typically used by merchants who conduct business on the go: taxi and limo drivers, food truck operators, mobile pet groomers, etc.

Wireless Merchant Account Services Terminals

Wireless credit card processing terminals resemble stationary terminals in looks and operation: they feature a card reader, display screen, and keypad. But unlike their stationary counterparts, they don’t need an IP or phone connection; they work using a cellular signal and are battery-powered.

If you already have a stationary terminal, and you’d like to add a wireless terminal, you can do so with the same merchant account. Although processing rates are the same as for a stationary terminal, there is a monthly wireless fee (usually $15-$25) as well as a small transaction fee charged for each wireless transaction.

As with stationary terminals, when you compare the costs and limitations involved with renting a terminal, you’re better off buying.

Mobile Merchant Account Services Applications

Wireless credit card processing terminals are still prevalent these days, but thanks to innovations in smartphones, mobile merchant account solutions are becoming increasingly popular, especially for smaller businesses with lower monthly volume.

With mobile credit card processing, merchants can accept credit and debit card payments through their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Using a device that connects to the smartphone, merchants can swipe a customer’s credit or debit card and process the payment on the spot. The customer’s receipt can be emailed or printed (if the merchant has a compatible microprinter).

5-credit-card-1Companies such as Square are popular with low-volume, low-dollar value small businesses, because of their reasonable rates and fees, but if you’re a high volume merchant, there are other options you can consider.

Wireless and mobile merchant account terminals offer two possible options for processing credit and debit cards.

If you swipe credit cards in a brick-and-mortar location, then a stationary credit card terminal might suffice. But if you operate an online store, you’ll need a different solution altogether.

Virtual Terminals 

If your sales are conducted at your online store, you’ll need the ability to process your customers’ credit cards through your merchant account and online payment gateway. A merchant account provider sometimes includes a virtual terminal with the merchant account and payment gateway.

If you’re still not sure which terminals are right for your business, call us; we’ll gladly provide you with the information you need to make the right choice.